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Special Services

Starter, Alternator and Battery Testing

Our electrical test equipment is state of the art.  Our electronic capacitive battery tester will pick up problems that traditional load testers fail to show.  Our automated alternator tester can more closely duplicate the on board electronics of today’s vehicles for a much more accurate diagnosis.  We perform these tests free of charge.


Brake Drum and Rotor Resurfacing

Our lathe will handle drums and rotors up to 20″ (that’s not a misprint…20″).  We can often turn your iron while you wait.

Hose & Fittings

We can make and repair hydraulic, air, and pressure washer hoses 1/4″ through 3/4″, and limited 1″.  We also stock a wide selection of steel hydraulic adapters.

Call Doug at Auto Care by Doug at 650-347-3966 for further details on special services.

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